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Photo courtesy of Allison


Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the track to help, hang, race, and/or all of the above! Special thanks to Dylan leading the group ride to and fro!

Too many stories to highlight. I hope you all have shared plenty amongst yourselves by now.

Here are the results of the money-makers. Make them buy you a beer!

CATEGORY A - (Pro/1/2/3)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Al Patrik Al Al
2nd Kesha Joe Patrik Patrik
3rd Matsudo Matsudo Sam Joe
4th Jack Sam Joe Sam
CATEGORY B - (Experienced/4/5 calibre)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Max Max Sam Max
2nd Johannes Johannes Crihs Sam
3rd Joseph Sam Herman Johannes
4th Ryota Herman Brennan Crihs
CATEGORY C - (Grip it n Rip it calibre)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Rob Sam Sam Sam
2nd Sam Andrea Andrea Andrea
3rd Arium Arium Jimmy Rob
4th Jimmy Raphael Arium Arium
LADIES - (we all know some baller fast chicas)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Anita Teeners Teeners Teeners
2nd JRho Anita JRho Anita
3rd Teeners JRho Anita JRho
4th Allison Astrid Josephine Allison
AUSTRALIAN PURSUIT - (hero status calibre)
1st Joe
2nd Alex
3rd Crihs
4th Hern
5th-15th (in no order) Jack, Brennan, Johannes, Joseph, Astrid, JRho, Kevin, Ian, Andrea, Max, Sam
DFL Josephine!
CATEGORY CHAS - (most times throwing up all over the damn place)
1st Chas

If you are on this list, your name is not Chas and you did not collect your payout, come to the Cuttin Crew Checkpoint (anti-winner since 2008), and we'll have it for ya! Also, if you rode yer bike up, you rule, and we will have limited edition Marcus shirts for you too!


Marie & Jeff

CMWC Track Day

Lots of dollar$ to give out to 4 different categories, including the ladies! The schedule includes 5 different races that will allow for both sprinters and the endurance riders to show off. Here are brief explanations of each:

  • Match Sprints are 3-lap races involving 2 to 4 riders who begin in a standing start. These head-to-head sprints involve just as much smarts and tactics as they do speed and power.
  • A Scratch race is simple even for you hungover folks: be the first to cross the line on the bell lap and you get the dollars.
  • And even simpler for you rookies, the Chariot is a one-lap drag race between 4-8 people. First person to cross the line grabs the gold. Just be sure you can stay still for another standing start.
  • The Tempo awards points on each lap: 2 points for the first person to cross the line, 1 for second. We’ll do some simple mathematics, and decide who’s accrued the greatest amount of points. Most points is the winner.
  • Lace up those boots and get ready for a race as rare as a kangaroo in America itself, the Australian Pursuit! Our exhibition race lines the riders by ability equidistant from each other. The object of this game is to catch the riders ahead, therefore eliminating them from the race. The lone rider is crowned victorious.

Get yourself out to Northbrook for a solid day of bikes--and if you're up for watching some pros, stick around for Thursday Night Racing, featuring the crowd pleasing Madison! If you're a real tough guy, grab some grub and stick around and show the new kids what sanctioned racing is all about.

Directions BIKE UP/ CARPOOL: Meet at 10:30 am at Upgrade - 1130 W Chicago. Otherwise, Mr. Yojimbo's himself suggests either taking Milwaukee or Elston up to Waukeegan OR North Branch Trail to Willow (you'll have to pull out the map to figure out the residential street directions). He also mentions that there is a REAL good ice cream shop on Waukeegan a mere 2 miles from the track!

DRIVE: You're a messenger! Smartphone your way to  1479 Maple Ave, Northbrook, IL

METRA: From Union Station take the Milwaukee-North train towards Fox Lake. Get off at the Northbrook stop. Walk/ride north toward Walters Avenue and turn right. Continue on Walters, then turn right on Orchard and continue til you see that big ol' velo

See you out there!

Got Some

We came into August knowing that the concluding weekend was going to feature not only the ever-incredible Cuttin Crew Classic , but Messenger Prom AND a Sunday of Relay Cross. Throw in a month packed with weekly State Championships at Northbrook, and you KNOW you got a long month of giving 'er ahead of ya. This will henceforth be known as the Palmarès Post of 2011. What can we say? August continued the theme of 2011 being the Best Year Ever..

-- August 11, 2011 - State Championship Points Race --

The pressure was on. This team has had a state champion in some category or another every year since its inception and Avi loosened the screws a bit by taking the newly instated Men's Category 4 State Championship in a classy sprint-off against the field.


Shortly thereafter, Daphne and Christina teamed up with a full women's crew to work a 2nd and 5th place in the Women's Open State Points Championship.

-- August 18, 2011 - State Championship Keirin sponsored by Johnny Sprockets --

The women kept rollin tough on the track across the board. Daphne claimed another 2nd place to the dominant presence of Team Bouledogue Tout Noir's Valerie Brostromin the Women's 1/2/3 Keirin. Christina improved upon her 5th the week before to claim 4th place.


Marie rounded out the night to take 2nd in the Women's Category 4 Keirin.

-- August 25, 2011 - Elaine Nekritz Trophy Race / State Championship Scratch --

A freshly upgraded Avi completely upheld his role as team badass. He ended up sweeping the Category 3 races for the night and garnered himself the Men's Category 3 Champion title in the Scratch race. Jeff managed a 5th place to cameo on Avi's day.


The ladies were certainly not ones to be outdone. On a big night, with big money on the line, the ladies of Cuttin Crew came through. Jamie, Christina, Marie and Daphne teamed up to really pulverize the field with blistering attacks and counter attacks. When all was said and done, Daphne hung it out for a hard fought 2nd.

-- August 27, 2011 - Cuttin Crew Classic --

(photo courtesy of Chris Dilts)

The most reputable race through Chicago saw Stan make a return to glory for 2nd while Teeners got 2nd on the women's end. Marie rightly worked her way into Dead Fucking Last. Andrew and Daphne rocketed their way into Alleycat Power Couple status with wins in both the men's and women's categories. (They actually tied for the overall win)

-- August 27, 2011 - Chicago Messenger Prom to benefit the Cycle Messenger World Championships 2012 in Chicago. --

Everyone won.

-- August 28, 2011 - Relay Cross sponsored by xXx Racing - Athletico --

Hangover shmangover. Ella made the rest of you into punks. If you missed it, just ask around and you can pretend like you were cool enough to make it out.

-- September 1, 2011 - State Madison Championship (Technically not August but don't be a dick about it) --

BIG night for the Chicago Cuttin Crew. Daphne teamed up with the previously mentioned Dr. Brostrom to lap 2nd place twice. Ol girl CRUSHED IT. The lady of the track got herself a nice new STATE CHAMPION JERSEY!!! That's not to say they were the only ones to really give 'er - Marie and Jamie made an exclusively Cuttin Crew partnership to net 3rd place in their first non-patty cake Madison ever! Bravo.


Phew. Who's ready for cyclocross?

Sunday Night Racing!!

Sunday, 8/21
Scratch Sprints Miss-N-Out
...and more!
Come on down to race, watch or eat!

Racing starts at 4pm, open to certified riders.

Bus ride back north for anyone that bikes down.

If you haven't had chance to get certified yet, there are plenty of opportunities all week up until race time.

Book your certification time by emailing

Stay tuned to for any and every update!


We had a REAL nice team outing to the new Chicago Velo Campus velodrome Monday night! Things are progressing so nicely down there. Stay tuned for more great photos (shout out to Marie for the first pic and Sean Hopkins for the quick turnaround on these other photos.)

The G-Forces on this thing are an absolute trip! It got me gigglin' enough to beat the band. I've raced on a few different velodromes with several varying bankings and the likes and this track will take a little gettin' used to. As should be expected. She's a custom-made beauty and the experience is an absolute must.

Peter Wilcock has taken a good grip over running the certification program and has a few aspirations to get a few events and races in before the weather makes it impossible.

This week (8/15-8/19) is scheduled heavily with certification classes at 4-6PM and 6-8PM. The classes do have a fee so be ready to bring down $10 or $12. They are also setting up a membership system but I'm not the one to check with for details.

It is encouraged that you contact Peter before heading down. The track does have a limit and he does not want to overbook. The good news is he's accommodating and thrilled to get you out there and trying it.

To make arrangements for a class, contact Peter at

As for Tuesday, August 16, the bus will be going down from the West Town area. We will load up over by the old spot of 2030 W Hubbard around 5:00 PM. Departure is set for 5:15. Come to ride or just hop on the bus and check it out from a spectators POV, it's well worth it. Join us! or. just stay tuned for more..

A dream come true

Ya know that scene from Jurassic Park when they show up on the island and Dr. Grant sees a dinosaur for the first time and his mind is blown to see something of that magnitude realized right before him? That's just about exactly how I felt once I saw the velodrome set up at the Chicago Velo Campus on Chicago's southside. Really not kidding.

Photos do not do this justice. It really is a sight to behold. I found I had to pinch myself knowing I was looking at a velodrome set in the city I know and love. It's absolutely exhilarating.

Of course winners and champions deserve the attention and the prizes and all those nice things but it's really the enablers: the organizers and workforce that deserve the credit. Emmanuele Bianchi, Peter Wilcock and Dale Hughes are three names amongst several that have dedicated themselves so heavily to this cause. Through sacrificing massive amounts of time, money and energy (not to mention personal health given this heat) they have done what many have doubted by ending a VERY long velodrome drought in the Windy City proper.

One other name that I feel is deserving of many thanks is Cuttin Crew's very own Josh Shough. Just about every spare bit of daylight he has had for the last month has been devoted to going down there and welding or drilling or cutting or nailing or painting or hauling every. single. thing he possibly can. He and Molly have really given a good bit of themselves over this last month to make it happen and that has been quite inspiring. (Brian Ellison and Andrew Nordyke have also put in a day or two down there.) I know I've found ways to busy myself as I never truly processed the magnitude of what was being done this whole time. Be it work wearing me out, bike racing, training (it could happen!), bus stuff or other personal pursuits it looks like I have joined the major bike racing community that has done little to nothing to get this thing up and running. It is slightly upsetting but I really only brought that up in order to speak to how significant a sacrifice this volunteer force has made to get down there and work. work. work. We have SO much to thank them for in making this whole thing come together. Bravo ladies and gentlemen!

All is not done and there is still time to give what you can. If you do have the time available, they are always looking for help. The goal date for completion is this Friday, August 12. Which still leaves 4+ days of intense labor to ensure that will happen. The site is at the Northeast corner of 87th and Burley (the before). You couldn't miss it.

Believe it people. Chicago has a velodrome!

Harlem Classic 2011

When Olympic gold medalist Marty Nothstein calls you "fearless" and "an incredible bike handler," it's worth immortalizing.

Velonews broadcast the entire Harlem Classic live last weekend, and our East Coast contingent was all over the amateur fixed gear event. You can watch the whole video here. Jump to 51:30 to see the whole race, or if you just can't take the suspense, jump to 61:30 to see the nail-biting final lap.

Junior's State Championship

While some of us were ripping up Kenosha and one of us destroyed Cobb Park last weekend, a certain someone got it together for the Junior's State Championship hosted by xXx.

Ella made everyone proud, ESPECIALLY papa Avi as he watched his young one hit the oval. Her Father's Day gift to him included a whole bunch of hardware! She ended up 2nd on the day but certainly worked hard on the track to earn it. We hope she keeps the hard work going outside the track and I'm sure there will be no doubt as to where to take the next step. Check out Avi's summation and photos here.

Velo-City 5.1

Well, after a very sizable turnout at last month's Velo-City Chicago attempt, this past weekend's event was certainly short on the numbers. It was no less relevant, mind you. Six people came from a city other than Chicago to meet us there. It was excellent to see the large Milwaukee contingent as well as the lone wolf, Mr. Erin Young, make his journey all the way from Minneapolis! By my count we had about 5 people that had never raced on the track before and, had it not been for last month's rain date, all 5 might not have ever ridden on the track ever! Chicago brought a few as well. Made for some spiced up racing and a variety of ability/experience levels. All told we had 12 different racers. 11 men and the woman named Bob.

We started the day watching some motor-pacing. A Saturday morning tradition up at Kenosha. Man. Them big kids can really rip on those workouts. It really can be a treat to watch everyone training behind that motorcycle.

When we were ready, we executed a 5 event schedule. The Match Sprint, 9 Lap Scratch, Miss 'n' Out, Cargo Bike Time Trial, and, a 25 lap points race.

The sprints went very well. Only a couple of them went to the "go slow and jump" game and even those were warranted. Many people got up and out and just gave 'er at any point. You really gotta be on your toes with these people.

After that we had the first pack event of the day. The 9 lap scratch. It was simple enough and really was an honest pace throughout. The pacelining was clearly coming together as things turned moreso into every man/woman for themselves once that bell lap came around.

The Miss 'n' Out was  a fan favorite. Everyone was super safe and smart about it as well which trumps just about every Miss 'n' Out I've ever raced...

Well. The Miss 'n' Out WAS a fan favorite. But then we got to the Cargo Bike Time Trial. This was an absolute blast. All 12 participants got up and out for this one. From 6' 4" and 200+ lbs. to 5' 2" and 100- lbs. the big rig fit one and all. Mikey and Bradley shut it down in the two man/one bike cat. Everyone else was left to sort out their own demons in the race of truth. Who wouldn't want a poster to commemorate it?

The points race was a classic war of attrition. Brian made his inevitable move  early to escape everyone but Bradley. A chase group of Joseph and Devin formed as Anthony, Brennan and Erin carried on solo campaigns to make it through the 25 lapper.

Clearly the results weren't the main goal of Saturday's event. I hope to instill that in everyone, anyway, as I think Murphy ate them (That's right. I'll blame the dog. I know he had an appetite.) The notable feats definitely include the gear restricted Mr. Ellison sweeping the omnium. Bradley gaining 2nd place after taking the lead from Joe in the last race. Joseph rounding out the podium. Erin winning farthest traveled. Bob took 1st Female! AND best track rook! Anthony, Brennan and Devin duked it out all day for MKE bragging rights. I won't put it out there with certainty but I think Anthony KNOW Devin got 'er (by 1 point!). Dan took the ever coveted DFL. Oh. And did I tell you I smoked Nico in the Cargo Bike TT?

Special shoutouts to our event sponsors and overseers! Mr. Squid in NYC holdin it down for yet another year. Continental came through with some killer tires and tubes. Yojimbo's Garage came through a second time with some goodies. Velocity wheels threw down some sick two-tone and sparkly (industry term) rims as well as some serious discounts for people to get their build on. The top prize went to Mr. Brian Ellison, courtesy of our friends over at Chrome. The newly opened Chicago shop came through with the Sherman Track Bag for all his racing/traveling needs and it couldn't have been a more perfect fit for boy wonder as his commitment to bike racing is in full swing.

From last month's support and money raised we were able to outfit Anthony and Devin with some tickets for NYC. They will be there to represent the Midwest contingent in the grand race for tix to Poland! It should be pretty rad to hear from them on how the trip goes.

Big or small. I love Velo-City and all it entails, man.

Photo credits to Mr. Dizzle and Ed White