Photo courtesy of Allison


Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the track to help, hang, race, and/or all of the above! Special thanks to Dylan leading the group ride to and fro!

Too many stories to highlight. I hope you all have shared plenty amongst yourselves by now.

Here are the results of the money-makers. Make them buy you a beer!

CATEGORY A - (Pro/1/2/3)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Al Patrik Al Al
2nd Kesha Joe Patrik Patrik
3rd Matsudo Matsudo Sam Joe
4th Jack Sam Joe Sam
CATEGORY B - (Experienced/4/5 calibre)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Max Max Sam Max
2nd Johannes Johannes Crihs Sam
3rd Joseph Sam Herman Johannes
4th Ryota Herman Brennan Crihs
CATEGORY C - (Grip it n Rip it calibre)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Rob Sam Sam Sam
2nd Sam Andrea Andrea Andrea
3rd Arium Arium Jimmy Rob
4th Jimmy Raphael Arium Arium
LADIES - (we all know some baller fast chicas)
Place Sprints Scratch Tempo OMNIUM
1st Anita Teeners Teeners Teeners
2nd JRho Anita JRho Anita
3rd Teeners JRho Anita JRho
4th Allison Astrid Josephine Allison
AUSTRALIAN PURSUIT - (hero status calibre)
1st Joe
2nd Alex
3rd Crihs
4th Hern
5th-15th (in no order) Jack, Brennan, Johannes, Joseph, Astrid, JRho, Kevin, Ian, Andrea, Max, Sam
DFL Josephine!
CATEGORY CHAS - (most times throwing up all over the damn place)
1st Chas

If you are on this list, your name is not Chas and you did not collect your payout, come to the Cuttin Crew Checkpoint (anti-winner since 2008), and we'll have it for ya! Also, if you rode yer bike up, you rule, and we will have limited edition Marcus shirts for you too!


Marie & Jeff