Velo-City 5.1

Well, after a very sizable turnout at last month's Velo-City Chicago attempt, this past weekend's event was certainly short on the numbers. It was no less relevant, mind you. Six people came from a city other than Chicago to meet us there. It was excellent to see the large Milwaukee contingent as well as the lone wolf, Mr. Erin Young, make his journey all the way from Minneapolis! By my count we had about 5 people that had never raced on the track before and, had it not been for last month's rain date, all 5 might not have ever ridden on the track ever! Chicago brought a few as well. Made for some spiced up racing and a variety of ability/experience levels. All told we had 12 different racers. 11 men and the woman named Bob.

We started the day watching some motor-pacing. A Saturday morning tradition up at Kenosha. Man. Them big kids can really rip on those workouts. It really can be a treat to watch everyone training behind that motorcycle.

When we were ready, we executed a 5 event schedule. The Match Sprint, 9 Lap Scratch, Miss 'n' Out, Cargo Bike Time Trial, and, a 25 lap points race.

The sprints went very well. Only a couple of them went to the "go slow and jump" game and even those were warranted. Many people got up and out and just gave 'er at any point. You really gotta be on your toes with these people.

After that we had the first pack event of the day. The 9 lap scratch. It was simple enough and really was an honest pace throughout. The pacelining was clearly coming together as things turned moreso into every man/woman for themselves once that bell lap came around.

The Miss 'n' Out was  a fan favorite. Everyone was super safe and smart about it as well which trumps just about every Miss 'n' Out I've ever raced...

Well. The Miss 'n' Out WAS a fan favorite. But then we got to the Cargo Bike Time Trial. This was an absolute blast. All 12 participants got up and out for this one. From 6' 4" and 200+ lbs. to 5' 2" and 100- lbs. the big rig fit one and all. Mikey and Bradley shut it down in the two man/one bike cat. Everyone else was left to sort out their own demons in the race of truth. Who wouldn't want a poster to commemorate it?

The points race was a classic war of attrition. Brian made his inevitable move  early to escape everyone but Bradley. A chase group of Joseph and Devin formed as Anthony, Brennan and Erin carried on solo campaigns to make it through the 25 lapper.

Clearly the results weren't the main goal of Saturday's event. I hope to instill that in everyone, anyway, as I think Murphy ate them (That's right. I'll blame the dog. I know he had an appetite.) The notable feats definitely include the gear restricted Mr. Ellison sweeping the omnium. Bradley gaining 2nd place after taking the lead from Joe in the last race. Joseph rounding out the podium. Erin winning farthest traveled. Bob took 1st Female! AND best track rook! Anthony, Brennan and Devin duked it out all day for MKE bragging rights. I won't put it out there with certainty but I think Anthony KNOW Devin got 'er (by 1 point!). Dan took the ever coveted DFL. Oh. And did I tell you I smoked Nico in the Cargo Bike TT?

Special shoutouts to our event sponsors and overseers! Mr. Squid in NYC holdin it down for yet another year. Continental came through with some killer tires and tubes. Yojimbo's Garage came through a second time with some goodies. Velocity wheels threw down some sick two-tone and sparkly (industry term) rims as well as some serious discounts for people to get their build on. The top prize went to Mr. Brian Ellison, courtesy of our friends over at Chrome. The newly opened Chicago shop came through with the Sherman Track Bag for all his racing/traveling needs and it couldn't have been a more perfect fit for boy wonder as his commitment to bike racing is in full swing.

From last month's support and money raised we were able to outfit Anthony and Devin with some tickets for NYC. They will be there to represent the Midwest contingent in the grand race for tix to Poland! It should be pretty rad to hear from them on how the trip goes.

Big or small. I love Velo-City and all it entails, man.

Photo credits to Mr. Dizzle and Ed White