Velo-City Chicago v5.1! June 18, 2011. 11A Start in Kenosha

This Saturday, June 18, we will be holding another track event in the same vain as Velo-City. It will be the rain date for the last attempted competition with a slightly different structure. The tickets situation has been sorted out so this one is really for the sake of a good time, some alternate swag and to raise a buck or two for CMWC 2012.

That said, we've got the same racing schedule except it is moved up a couple hours. The bus will be loading up at the lot at 8:30 and leaving at 9:00 AM from Green and Kinzie. Racing should be set to start at 11:00. Depending on turnout, we could change the categories from Messer and Non-Messer to A, B and possibly C.

Otherwise be ready for some verbatim...

This event list is designed to give you participants and fans a taste of the classics of the track. We will offer a tutorial on each race throughout the week. Be aware that it is subject to change!

1) Sprint

Seeded at random. 2-ups, 3-ups, 4-ups. One-offs, not best of 3. There will be a repechage

2) 15-25 lap Scratch (TBD)

First to cross the line after said amount of laps is the winner. Guts on a breakaway or confidence in your sprint? You decide.

3) Miss-n-out

The last wheel across the line of each lap is pulled. Once it gets down to three riders there are no further eliminations and it essentially becomes a two lap scratch.

4) 30 lap points

A track classic. Always a feature, usually final event. Every x number of laps there will be a sprint to garner points. Distance trumps points. If anyone is beast enough to gain a lap on another racer then they will be scored on a tier above that person. This also applies to anyone that laps the field (majority of riders) vs. anyone that might not have been in the field but might not have “gained a lap”.