Got Some

We came into August knowing that the concluding weekend was going to feature not only the ever-incredible Cuttin Crew Classic , but Messenger Prom AND a Sunday of Relay Cross. Throw in a month packed with weekly State Championships at Northbrook, and you KNOW you got a long month of giving 'er ahead of ya. This will henceforth be known as the Palmarès Post of 2011. What can we say? August continued the theme of 2011 being the Best Year Ever..

-- August 11, 2011 - State Championship Points Race --

The pressure was on. This team has had a state champion in some category or another every year since its inception and Avi loosened the screws a bit by taking the newly instated Men's Category 4 State Championship in a classy sprint-off against the field.


Shortly thereafter, Daphne and Christina teamed up with a full women's crew to work a 2nd and 5th place in the Women's Open State Points Championship.

-- August 18, 2011 - State Championship Keirin sponsored by Johnny Sprockets --

The women kept rollin tough on the track across the board. Daphne claimed another 2nd place to the dominant presence of Team Bouledogue Tout Noir's Valerie Brostromin the Women's 1/2/3 Keirin. Christina improved upon her 5th the week before to claim 4th place.


Marie rounded out the night to take 2nd in the Women's Category 4 Keirin.

-- August 25, 2011 - Elaine Nekritz Trophy Race / State Championship Scratch --

A freshly upgraded Avi completely upheld his role as team badass. He ended up sweeping the Category 3 races for the night and garnered himself the Men's Category 3 Champion title in the Scratch race. Jeff managed a 5th place to cameo on Avi's day.


The ladies were certainly not ones to be outdone. On a big night, with big money on the line, the ladies of Cuttin Crew came through. Jamie, Christina, Marie and Daphne teamed up to really pulverize the field with blistering attacks and counter attacks. When all was said and done, Daphne hung it out for a hard fought 2nd.

-- August 27, 2011 - Cuttin Crew Classic --

(photo courtesy of Chris Dilts)

The most reputable race through Chicago saw Stan make a return to glory for 2nd while Teeners got 2nd on the women's end. Marie rightly worked her way into Dead Fucking Last. Andrew and Daphne rocketed their way into Alleycat Power Couple status with wins in both the men's and women's categories. (They actually tied for the overall win)

-- August 27, 2011 - Chicago Messenger Prom to benefit the Cycle Messenger World Championships 2012 in Chicago. --

Everyone won.

-- August 28, 2011 - Relay Cross sponsored by xXx Racing - Athletico --

Hangover shmangover. Ella made the rest of you into punks. If you missed it, just ask around and you can pretend like you were cool enough to make it out.

-- September 1, 2011 - State Madison Championship (Technically not August but don't be a dick about it) --

BIG night for the Chicago Cuttin Crew. Daphne teamed up with the previously mentioned Dr. Brostrom to lap 2nd place twice. Ol girl CRUSHED IT. The lady of the track got herself a nice new STATE CHAMPION JERSEY!!! That's not to say they were the only ones to really give 'er - Marie and Jamie made an exclusively Cuttin Crew partnership to net 3rd place in their first non-patty cake Madison ever! Bravo.


Phew. Who's ready for cyclocross?