We had a REAL nice team outing to the new Chicago Velo Campus velodrome Monday night! Things are progressing so nicely down there. Stay tuned for more great photos (shout out to Marie for the first pic and Sean Hopkins for the quick turnaround on these other photos.)

The G-Forces on this thing are an absolute trip! It got me gigglin' enough to beat the band. I've raced on a few different velodromes with several varying bankings and the likes and this track will take a little gettin' used to. As should be expected. She's a custom-made beauty and the experience is an absolute must.

Peter Wilcock has taken a good grip over running the certification program and has a few aspirations to get a few events and races in before the weather makes it impossible.

This week (8/15-8/19) is scheduled heavily with certification classes at 4-6PM and 6-8PM. The classes do have a fee so be ready to bring down $10 or $12. They are also setting up a membership system but I'm not the one to check with for details.

It is encouraged that you contact Peter before heading down. The track does have a limit and he does not want to overbook. The good news is he's accommodating and thrilled to get you out there and trying it.

To make arrangements for a class, contact Peter at

As for Tuesday, August 16, the bus will be going down from the West Town area. We will load up over by the old spot of 2030 W Hubbard around 5:00 PM. Departure is set for 5:15. Come to ride or just hop on the bus and check it out from a spectators POV, it's well worth it. Join us! or. just stay tuned for more..