Week in Review...

Kenosha Opening Night (Washington Park Velodrome)

Tuesday, 5/20

Photo courtesy of Half Acre's Ed White

Cuttin' Crew was aglistenin' Tuesday with Ben, Andrew, and Al


Ben ran the blocking in the Cat-4 field, helping Al get 1st Place in the Scratch Race and 2nd Place in the Miss-n-Out

Andrew hopped in the 3's Scratch and claimed 4th Place.

Northbrook Thursday Races Presented by Turin (Ed Rudolph Velodrome)

Thursday, 5/22

Photo courtesy of adam spartacus


Brynn was undefeated in her track career until the third race when she got second. At no point was she aware of what she was doing. The girl just likes to ride in circles really fast. Here's her career resume thus far:

10 Lap Tempo: First

21 Lap Points Race: First

10 Lap Scratch: Second

Phil Liggett Loves the Cuttin' Crew! Big ups to Turin and Sram for bringing him out for commentary!

Madison...Ohhh the Madison. A beautiful race. Even better if you're in the CCC jersey.

We only had two teams entered. Al and Andrew played a great game of tag to claim 1st place. Stan and Jeff played part in a "Brilliant exchange by Schultz and Perkins of the Cutting Crew" on their way to 2nd place. There's no "g" Phil, regardless, thanks for making my life.

After a great showing in the Madison, we had Brean, Daryl, Stan, Adam, Andrew, Jeff, and Al toe the line for a 10 lap tempo. Stan got his wind back to win the very hard-paced race set up by Daryl.

Not much luck in the third event of the night, the Miss-n-Out. Couldn't sneak any of the six guys in the final but it has been a long night/week...(excuses, excuses)

Big props to Stan for coming through with the best cumulative performance of the night.