That there Memorial weekend

MOLLY!! MOLLY!! MOLLY DAMMIT!!! WE HAVE YOUR PHOTO!!!Our lovely li'l Lady of the Cuttin' Crew nabbed 4th place at the rather renowned "Cage Match" Quad City Crit held on Memorial Day!


Thanks to our xXx friend Brian Morrissey and our teammate Ben for the photos.

This is Snake Alley...


This is Adam eating up Snake Alley...


Adam is made of helium. Dude dropped his chain and still flew around the snake to claim 6th in the 4's. THEN he came back for 7th in the Melon City Crit! (Snake photo by Brian, Adam shot by Ben)


Max had a great weekend of performances claiming 6th in the Snake's 5's and then 4th in the Melon City Crit the next day. (photo by Brian)


Dr. Morell fared well in the Snake, nabbing a top ten slot in the 5's and bouncing back for a 5th place finish at Melon City Crit. (photo by Brian)


Chicago Bike Racing's cover boy, Mr. Fietz found himself a finish in the Snake and came back for the 8th best performance at Melon City's Criterium. (photo by Brian)


Jeff got dressed up. Then he got drunk. (both pics by Ben)


Stan was heard but never seen. Sorry Stan. The man came back from a wreck at the start of the Snake and flew in a rage up to about 15th place. That was kinda awesome.