Yojimbo's rules.

2532446995_105730d0532.jpgSo we have some cool sponsors. That's no secret. Few might realize, however, that we not only have a great shop helping us at Yojimbo's, but we also have the wisdom and guidance of a national treasure. Well known and renowned across the fixed-gear, track, road, and urban riding scene throughout this city and country, Marcus is the man when it comes to helping out his team, his scene and his community. Recently there has been a great effort put into helping develop a juniors track racing program for kids in the city of Chicago. Track racing is a beautiful thing but intimidating and difficult to get into without proper resources and guidance. With the assistance of a wonderful group of people, including Chicago's great West Town Bikes, a new junior specific team called the Yojimbo's Track Cats has come to fruition. We are very proud of the work he is doing and we are also proud of the noteworthy effort being made by the Cuttin' Crew's own, Brean.

If you're looking for some more reasons to smile today, check out some photos from practices down at Pershing and Cottage Grove. We will provide updates intermittently. For more information on the project, check out the news bit at chicagobikeracing.com.