Northbrook Opening Night

So last week we went up to the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in the lovely Village of Northbrook. It was a chilly 50 degrees. We were in spandex. I'm sure there's something in between but I'll let the photos and results speak for themselves. (Big thanks to our flickr friends: xxxracingFedo and Ring, and ewwhite).

First and foremost, I'm trying to find a picture with Molly where she is NOT smiling. Awesome.


 Cuttin' Crew males included AlAndrewAdamBenJeffMaxStan.

First Race was a 10 lap scratch. First one across the line after 10 laps wins, nice and simple...


Al got 1st according to the crowd, but the people with the pen and papers deemed him 2nd one across the line.

Jeff got 3rd.


Second race was a Win-n-Out...

"The race gets underway from a rolling start (usually 2-3 neutral laps.) When the riders hear the bell, they are racing for the win. The second lap is for 2nd place and so on." - Northbrook flier.

It's kind of like trying to sucker punch Mike Tyson. You just really hope your first punch works or else you're gonna be really hurtin'.


Stan came through for 2nd place.


Third race was a 15 lap points race. You get a set amount of points for every placement you get on only certain laps. Confused? Try officiating it.


Jeff pulled 2nd place.

Al claimed 3rd.


The results of the "Omnium" were as follows:

1st Place was a tie between Henry (HENRY!!!) from Team Pegasus and Al from Cuttin' Crew.

3rd Place went to Jeff