Thursday night, May 15th, is opening night at Nortbrook Velodrome! Here is the flier for opening night! It's FREE for race entry!!!! (Remember you must be Category 4 or higher to race Thursday nights)

Ed Rudolph Velodrome is our closest Velodrome as it is located in the northwestern suburb of Northbrook. Despite construction and planning headaches, we'll be going out there to have a big debut for the Crew. Logistics will guarantee to be another pain but we've been waiting for this for a while.

Spectator fees are low but necessary to help things like this go. It looks like $2 gets you access but, if you can print one, you should totally grab this coupon and a friend, cause they'll get in for free. Don't have a printer? Hit us up in the comments or send us one of them electronic letters and we'll have some waiting for ya!

As long as you're not feeling shy, let's take another opportunity to plug the coolest fund-raiser since sliced pie... We'll be sure to bring some for those interested.


If you're curious what it takes to race on the velodrome, definitely check their website. Also, they have a checklist of rules and etiquette for you right here.