The tale of two adversities

Anything could happen and it did Friday. Jannette got into a crash at Fond Du Lac and finished in 13th place. She was stuck out with 6 laps to go and the neutral laps stop at 7 to go. Drop or finish? Naturally, she swapped out wheels and did a NASTY solo time trial effort to garner some points to defend her spot in the General Classification. As the rankings got tighter for the overall 2nd spot, and sporting a few chips and bruises Jannette showed her tenacity again and got back on the Rhodium march to take 3rd in yesterday's Downer's Classic. Her 2nd place in the GC is on solid ground but she isn't out of the woods yet.

Today's Carl Zach Cycling Classic will conclude what has been a superb week for our Dear Lady of the Dairyland. The important things are all in check, as Jonathan Gray captured yet again. Not only is Jannette kicking ass, she's having a good time...