BIG step in the right direction

The Rhodium march continues! Jannette has stayed with it and created a whole lot of room for herself thanks to a 3rd place performance in a road race that looks to have created some dramatic shifts in the Grand Classification. Jannette gave 'er with a big move early that didn't stick but she then recovered to make it to the podium. Our dearest lady of the dairyland has earned plenty of room for herself at the 2nd spot in the GC of the Tour of America's Dairyland. With first place in the overall being handled well by Whitney Gaggioli, there was a 5 person race for 2nd that looks to have opened up in Jannette's favor. It was less than 10 points that separated riders 2-6. The 2-4 women were only 4 points apart if I remember correctly. As of right now, however, Jannette garnered a 20 point lead on Meghan Lapeta and Cathy Frampton. Meghan and Cathy are tied in the 3rd slot so it is certainly not hard to tell they are HUNGRY!

As for Jannette, she's always had a big appetite for success but her thirst for the coveted chocolate milk chug on the top spot of the podium is getting more and more intense. Just as her 20 point lead looks like it will take work to defend, Gaggioli's 32 point gap could always start to fold. Anything can happen in bike racing and there's still 3 stages left. !!!

Awwww, yeah, girl. Keep on putting them ladies to work!