Second in the overall!

The long, arduous task of laying claim to the heartland of Wisconsin has come to a close and we are certainly proud to present our Dear Lady of the Dairyland, our ruler of the Rhoman Empire, your 2nd place overall finisher in the women's category 3/4 Tour of America's Dairyland...

Jannette Rho!


3rd place on the last day put her in the 2nd place slot in the overall rankings for 9 consecutive days of highly competitive racing.* I would expect she had consistent frustrations racing with a woman that won 8 of all 10 races. Miss Gaggioli certainly deserves great credit for such a performance. Gaggioli won 7 out of the 9 races Jannette was in. That did not deter our Jannette from shuffling onto a podium step 7 out 9 times. 7 of 9 despite taking a spill that put her out of top-10 contention late in one those races.


Something to certainly consider - of their 9 shared races, Rho and Gaggioli combined to take 15 of the 27 podium placements. The other 12 podium spots were shuffled amongst 7 different women.

While she never got the cowprint jersey or got to sip on chocolate milk for the camera she certainly aired consistent dominance and has a well deserved spot in the final standings.

Pretty f'n killer, J Rho.

*you'll note she's credited 8 points for the first race, an official's error seeing as she was still in the city when that race kicked off. The 8 point favor makes no significant difference to her standing in the GC.

Another big thanks to Jonathan Gray for keeping the photos comin'!