Velo-City final standings


velocity 5

The dust has settled and it's time to put propers out for all of our racers and the other fine folks who put this together. In the words of our Race Director/Bus Driver, Ben: "It's pretty great getting to hold a legitimate track event with a bunch of my friends on my hometown velodrome."

Messenger class: 1 Nico 2 Phil "Butters" Brewer 3 Brian "Aloha" "Track Stand" 4 Christina "Teeners" Peck 5 Mikey Urbanis 6 Casey Comiskey 7 Tie: Dylan Gimple and Nick Puczasasuszaurus

Citizen Class: 1 Alexander Urbanski 2 Tie: Anderew Yeoman and Ted Burger 4 Avi Neurohr 5 Jake Blaze 6 Brandon - Pegasus 7 Tie: Sage and Ben VC 9 Mike ? 10 Josh Shough

EDIT: In our haste to post official results, we forgot to mention one racer who just wasn't content to hang with the pack. Miss Nikki Munvez went on a flyer in the points race to roll the dice a few laps ahead of the crowd, and for that, she took home the Spirit award.

We tried to score points as deep as possible to get everyone recognized in the standings, but there were a bunch of others who just came out to have a good time. Word to our announcers, Andrew Nordyke and Mike Morell. Nordyke actually means 'born to work the bullhorn' in Norwegian, and Dr. Morell made the long train/bike trip from Chicago, only to announce a few events and head back south for more pressing matters. In no particular order, we'd like to thank Aaron at 611 cycles for the bars, Duane at Chester Cycles for the paint, Squid at Cyclehawk, Velocity and Yojimbo's for prizes, and Continental for entry schwag.

For a full rundown, check out Sage's photos, Time Out Chicago's gallery, Julio's video, and Simon has promised a forthcoming writeup. As a recovering roadie, Avi couldn't stop himself from writing up the non-messenger events in excruciating detail, and maybe we'll get a rundown on the messenger side from Nico one of these days. Spoiler: Nico and Phil were running pretty tight overall for tickets to Guatemala going into the final scoring event, the points race. Going 1-2 in the first two sprints, it was turning into a showdown until Phil touched wheels with Teeners and went down. Quote of the day: "I thought crashing on a velodrome would really hurt, but that wasn't so bad."

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Photo courtesy of Max Herman.