La Ocho!

...or, for us North Americanos: The Eight. Once upon a time some nutty messengers raced the human powered rollercoaster, an over/under figure eight velodrome. Inspired by this, the organizers of the 2010 Messenger Worlds off in Guatemala have promised to build one out of blood, sweat, and clay.

The winner (in the messenger category) of yesterday's Velo-City event won himself some tickets to a little over/under madness. Ladies and Gentlemen, our own Mister Nico Deportago-Cabrera is that man! In the 'non-messenger slash past-winner-so-therefore-not-qualified-to-race-as-a-messenger' category, Mr. Al Urbanski took home the top prize, a sweet custom bar/stem combo.

We'll have a wrap up of yesterday's event, as well as full standings, but first things first: Big thanks to Kenosha native Ben Fietz for lining up track time, and driving the Winnebago, not to mention officiating. Julio for lining up sweet prizes, Teeners for putting together the alleycat, Squid for being Squid, and a bunch of other people To Be Named Later that did such an awesome job behind the scenes that I didn't know about them.

Highlights and full standings on the way.