Throwback Thursdays

By Jeff (yes, already) I'm working on getting Brean to share his stories from the '90s about Germans and their love of roller rinks but until then this will have to serve as filler.

It was as recent as the March of '07. We were fundraising for the 2008 NACCC. A few people made things happen from all kinds of angles to make sure we could recreate this whole "goldsprint" game that had been introduced to the majority of us with the previous summer's VeloCity Tour.

It was to be called the IRO Sprints and was held at the Mutiny, a personal favorite when it comes to just a solid bar. Augie* MC'ed for the night and J Marshall* was bringing a lot of energy with his hot forum of the time (good ol' I showed up because I committed at an early NACCC organizing meeting and I was (finally) starting to get a big kick out of hanging out with those dudes. It turned out to be a fantastic decision. *(Cuttin' Crew OG)

I drew Julio for the first round and I think he had to be the hardest of the night. Since he was a seemingly well respected dude and I destroyed him so badly I decided to make it up to him over a beer. It then became a habit to buy anyone I beat a beer. I'm super stoked I did because I felt like less of an asshole and I really got to chat it up with a good number of people.

As it turned out I had to buy a lot of beers that night. I ended up winning it all in a heated final against the dude that just finished a bandit 'cross race that morning, Mr. Ben Popper. The pattern for these things haven't changed much. Everyone was absolutely spent towards the end of it and the place was emptying out quickly. I didn't get anything for the win except a good bit of pride, a shot or two from the owner, and a random kiss from a girl that must have been dared into pulling off a smooch and run with the winner (kinda awesome!)

Aside from that, I will say the highlight of the night there in the bar had to be the compliment from the Augdog -

"I'm pretty happy you won. Not because we don't have prizes and not because I know you, but really because you were clearly having the most fun out of everyone."

It definitely wasn't that long ago but it's nice to see some of those faces having a good time all under the same roof. Keeping with the "youtube is a better story teller than you" logic I leave you with this...