Weekend Update

Yes, today kicks off the 2010 Track clinics at Northbrook. No, the Cuttin' Cruiser is not headed up there.  Saturday night, the Chief Bus Driver, aka Mr. Jeff 'Rooster' Perkins had his appendix removed. He's doing ok but he's been ordered off the bike for two weeks and off the Driver's seat of the bus for...a while. We may have a substitute for Tuesday night. We'll see. In other news, a few members of the crew had some fun north of the border. Nico killed the Don't Kill the Messenger alleycat up in Madison, bringing home first overall. Only one thing to be said about this: Hell Jess!

JRho and Candles, aka Jannette and Andrew, hit Whitnall for a lovely Wisconsin spring day: 40s and raining, on a circuit with a whole lot of up down left right. Jannette brought home 5th place in the Women's Open category, somehow still wearing a smile. After dodging some sketchy riding early on, the candelabra caretaker decided the best way to stay out of trouble was to drag the field around. He put in a good days' work at the front, stayed upright, and finished respectably in 15th.