Leland Kermesse Sepia 2.0

 (photos courtesy of Ted Burger)

by Jannette Rho (2nd place overall and our 1st place cat 3 winner!)

That race was all wind and gravel. You had to be strong to survive the winds and skilled to make it through the gravel. I was in the right place once we hit the first gravel portion and I knew Jessica CX Monster Hill would be aggressive at these points in the course. When Jessica and K. Meshberg drilled it during the second portion, I knew that was it. I had to come around the folks dropping back and get on them. I got close with Tamara (xXx) on my wheel and she pulled us up once we hit pavement. That was the winning break. It was way too windy for anyone to bridge up and with Flatlandia back in the pack, we knew we were probably gone for good.

Nearing the end of 100K what do we women do? Get emotional and have the "I love you guys, you're the best" bonding moment...until the sprint finish.

Looking back, I should have attacked on the last gravel bits before the finish...I knew I couldn't outsprint Meshberg on pavement. Next time...