Holding it Down at the Track

mollifiedby Molly

Friday after work I scramble frantically trying to change the bearings to a disc wheel lent to the team by our fantastic sponsor, Mr. Marcus Moore of Yojimbo's Garage. I wanted to have every possible advantage for Saturday's pursuit series. I've never really considered myself a time trial type...I can sprint somewhat, but it seems the pursuit is an entirely different animal. I'm new to all of this so what do I know?

Jeff, Max, Al, Christina (check out her new profile page btw) and I arrive at Northbrook Saturday about 8am. It was much more cool and windy this Saturday and looked a little like rain, but thankfully it held off for most the day.

The first scheduled event posted was the flying 200. It was optional so it didn't acquire any omnium points. My first thought is perhaps I should save my energy but after receiving some grief from Harold, I resign my conservative mind set and say, "Fine, I'll do everything."

The women's schedule for the day: the flying 200, a 2k pursuit, standing 500 meter and a scratch. Of the women who participated I received the best flying 200 time and was now a little bummed it didn't count for points. For the 2k I was able to borrow Mike Ferrin's aero bars (thanks Mike!) They felt more comfortable than I'd imagined they'd be and probably helped a great deal with my time improvement. I placed first. This was a big boost in my confidence and was now getting quite anxious for the 500 meter. I had a great time last Allvoi cup, only a second and a half behind the winner. This time my start wasn't fantastic. I put a lot of pressure on my front wheel causing my rear wheel to skip out twice. I also rode high and out of the sprinters lane at one point...A bit too sloppy for first, placing second. I realized I had pushed myself hard enough when some food consumed an hour before popped back up. One of the girls waiting to race said "bless you" as she must have thought I just sneezed, not vomited in my mouth. I should of just said "thank you" instead of explaining how and why she was wrong. Gross.

The Scratch race was the final event to score omnium points, and it's one of my favorites. It basically came down to Christina and I against the entire Alberto's women's team. I wasn't all that worried, more amused at how absurd it looked than anything else. First few laps I sit high and wait for an attack...it comes, I chase, catch her and she sits up. This is a little dull for my team mate Christina so she starts picking up the pace at the front. I go high on the rail and watch Francine as I'm sure she'll be the one to make the move. She attacks and I react as fast as I can but it isn't fast enough. I'm still pretty high and have to come around up top to cross the line 3rd. Meh. It could have been worse. Turned out it was still good enough for first place omnium of the day.

Jeff walked away with a podium finish and is currently sitting pretty in second place overall. Christina and Al are contenders with 4th place.  My Thanks goes out to everyone at Northbrook for the support and Congratulations. Looking at you Dee Dee!  Two sharks down, one to go!

(Photo shamelessly stolen from Mr. Edmund William White)