Mr. Mayor, we have your cup


The Mayor's Cup is a 75 lap points race at Kenosha Velodrome. This is hardly any average points race. Road pros and a bunch of Category 1 racers are a mandatory expectation. 2008 Superweek sprint champion and many atimes overall leader, Chad Hartley made it out. Top sprinters and strongmen from all over the track scene mark this one on the calendar.

Those looking for dramatic herosim were not denied for the 2009 chapter (this is Jeff writing, by the way). The pace escalated early and the original 30 man field split into about a dozen off the front while the rest organized behind their gap to keep on. The main field dropped a few people from the race early and about 15 laps in it was evident who was going to be around for the full ride. Al went on a trademark flier when things got back together and he managed to make it a break group of about 5. I was probably most useful sitting third wheel and joining in the blocking effort. After the break group's sprint for points, Al answered with a counter attack and dwindled it down to 3 guys that were willing to stick it out.

It was a long way to go but Mr. Urbanski found his way back onto the field and notched himself a lap and some points. What the hell, why not try another break? Al went off again and found himself with plenty of space as we neared the 35 laps to go mark. 30 laps to go was to be a double point lap. The field knew this and Al surged on. With 32 to go, the pace of the field ramped up in a mad dash to get this guy but it was not to be. Al held on for double points right before the group swallowed him up.

Now Al was in the pack and ready to bark some commands to his teammate. "Time to do some leadouts!!" This author dutifully obliged. The next contest for points went fast and I managed to sling Al around to 5th (damn!) but he was a great position to make the second break (yes!). He rode hard with the big boys and found his way back to the field with only one final points contest up, and it was a double point. Hartley made his move and was not to be denied. I grabbed an appropriate wheel but only mustered 5th on the final lap amid the wooshing of carbon. Top spot for the "no-points" crew?

Some officials made a quick assumption that Al was off the back on one of his laps. The man who woke up that day a Cat 3, surely, was not. Results went over the mic after a good few minutes of deliberation. Hartley got 4th. Kaz Milas got 3rd with not as many points but 2 laps on the field. Rob Springer got 2nd with 2 laps up and more points. Process of elimination led all of us to pretty much flip out. Mr. Urbanski of your Chicago Cuttin' Crew took top honors and all the hardware. The race was completed in about 28 minutes. That would total out the "2-lap crew" average speed at a little over 32 mph. The field would have completed 73 laps and averaged the better half of 31 mph. I'm happy to just finish the damn thing.

Other highlights included Brean's very clean and decisive win in the 4's Miss-N-Out and Jeff pulled a second in the 3's kilo scratch final. It was a nice plus but I don't think our smiles could have been any wider the whole ride home.


John Cline took some stellar photos and taped this interview. Kenosha news found it an interesting enough story. Al was definitely the gator this time...