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Shoe Steez and Bruises

On Saturday, I made my way back north to visit the fam, and because I just can't get enough, I jumped in a Women's 4's race in Cannon Falls, MN, joining Kayla and Becky (representing The Hub) for their first road races ever.

STYLIN' SHOE STEEZ from left to right: plastic bags in Sidis, Nike hightops, and never ridden Specialized road shoes/cleats

The race was cold, misty, and fast paced in the beautiful Minnesota country. Lots of rolling hills and amazing descents, ending in a super steep uphill battle to the finish line. For once, I decided to be patient with my jump, knowing that if I took off too early, I'd burn out; the plan ended up working, and I finished 8 seconds ahead of the next lady for my first road win ever!

Click for my submission to Cat up to Team Post Up

On Sunday, Daphne and Jamie rolled out to Cobb Park for the third Illinois Cup race with a game plan that included James going for the win.  Unfortunately, partway through their final attack, James was crashed out, leaving Daphne to pick another W for the leaderboard. James was a great sport about it, though, and gave a smile for the camera.

Purrrdy James!

Next up, we have the Urbana Grand Prix, where we plan on doing some homework, soaking in some 70 degree rays, doubling up and pulling off some more high results! See you there!

Rollin' tough and stuff with J Shough

So there's a man that retired out there with plenty of experience in this messenger game that has the work ethic but has also gotten hooked on the racing aspect of it all. Josh Shough is a family man that has dedicated himself to training and working hard to be the hardest and toughest dude out there. More than respecting and applauding such efforts, we want to be a part of it all. Luckily Josh doesn't mind accepting company. Hence we have the first man to introduce to the 2011 Cuttin Crew, Mr. Joshua Shough.