International Women's Day

We couldn't think of a better day to do some announcing. It's almost time for the new Crew kit to drop (you're not going to believe your eyes) but kit day aside, this day is for WOMEN.

We are happy to announce the growth of the ladies side of our squad, with the addition of three of the baddest, most rowdest, most tuffest women in Chicago. Without any further a-do at all; 

Let's get down to it. 

Mary Randall

Rowdy Tuff Gurl 1.0

Photo by Snowy Mountain Photograhpy

Photo by Snowy Mountain Photograhpy

Mary needs little introduction, a fixture of the Chicrosscup and Chicago cycling scene, she has been smashing down obstacles and jumping over barriers as a mechanic and as a racer for years. Mary races cyclocross, rides trails, wrenches on bikes, loves whiskey, dances to Nicki  and we couldn't be more delighted to bring her on board. To quote Mary herself on this awesome day; 

It’s International Women’s Day and all but I don’t need a special, designated day to remind me to think of all you strong, smart, tough, positive, grumpy, rowdy, inspiring babes. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you as friends. Thanks for pushing and inspiring me every damn day. And thanks to all the women who have been working tirelessly to smash the [redacted eff bomb] patriarchy since before we were even here. 💪💪💪
— Mary's fb page


Mary wouldn't like us to add anything more, but will be spotted fiercely pushing herself to the max at every race she attends in 2016.

Kelsey Phillips

Look for my finger brace while you race...

One sacred afternoon, while powering her way through a sandpit mid-race, Mia gazed off into the distance and spotted a small item buried in the sand. What was it? Glinting up at her. In it's shining surface  she saw the reflection of her great performance, she recognized that it was a finger-brace. Smiling deeply she was bolstered by it's presence. That finger brace belonged to one Kelsey Phillips, she left it there as a marker to other racers who would come after her. Here lies Kelsey's finger-brace, may all who see it, know the way to victory. 

That was one of many moments that had the Crew saying, who is this woman, and how can we get her to join us.

Kelsey races road, cyclocross, alley-cats, organizes for the WBMA, brews beer like a LITERAL pro. She most recently was one of the master(ms-ter)minds behind the WBMA's PSA about Catcalling. KELSEY EFFING PHILLIPS;

Ellen Ryan

Ask me about my P.I days

Photo by Tenspeed Hero

Photo by Tenspeed Hero

Last, but not least, we present Ellen Ryan. Don't be fooled by that smile Ellen will not hesitate to show you who's boss if you try to take a wheel from her. You'd never suspect that behind that sweet smile, and weird gooey peanut butter concoction she's holding for some reason,  lies the heart of a lion. 

A Kitty 2 on the road, Ellen will be participating in some of the hardest racing in the region with Chicago Women's Elite Cycling team.  Ellen loves her 18lbs orange cat named Cheeto, her husband named Eric, and she's got an endless supply of ridiculous and hilarious stories to tell you. Ellen has a deep, dark past, we dare you to ask her about it.  You can sometimes spot her wearing some awesomely ridiculous costumes while out racing cyclocross. She swears it's not her forte, but we've seen some impressive bike handling skills while wearing some pretty challenging head gear.

 You better fear the ladies of the crew for this up coming season. Things just got real. 

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