Kelsey Phillips

Look for my finger brace while you race...

I grew up casually riding bikes around the suburbs of Chicago, and continued commuting as I lived in the city after college. One day I wiped out on some ice on the Lake Shore path, and a friendly (yet intimidating) Sarah Rice laughed at me and then encouraged me to try racing bikes. My first race was Montrose CX in 2013, and then racing sank it's claws into me. I started working as a messenger and did some alley cats, then tried my hand at road, then track, then cross, and now I do a little bit of everything and can't get enough. Racing has introduced me to the most amazing people and places, and I'm beyond stoked to continue the adventures with the Cuttin Crew.




Intelligentsia Cup p/b SRAM- Women Fixed Gear Open: 8th

Jackson Park CX Relay Open: 4th

W4 Flyover Silver Creek : 2nd 

W4 Chicrosscup Labagh Woods: 3rd

W4 Chicrosscup Hopkins Park: 2nd

W123 Afterglow: 14th

Afterglow Single Speed: 3rd

Single Speed CX World Championships- Victoria: they don't tell you, somewhere in the top 25 probably, but there was whisky involved so who knows.

Alley Cats: 


Cuttin Crew Classic 2014: 3rd Female(s)

Sadie Hawkins Style Ride 2014: 4th 


Stuporbowl 2015: 3rd Female

Cuttin Crew Classic 2015: 3rd Female

NACCC 2015 Denver: 3rd Female, 15th overall

Sadie Hawkins Style Ride 2015: 1st