Northbrook Opening Night, 2011

What. A. Night! So many wonderful things to report. Fine performances across the board. All 5 of the women on the team showed up and we had 4 suit up for the action. They did an absolutely FANTASTIC job out there together. Stay tuned for an in-depth update from our latest and greatest writing contributor on the Chicago Women's Bike Racing blog. As for the men, Josh and Brian made their mark in the men's 4s. Josh was a phenomenal force to be reckoned with as he and Brian countered each other relentlessly in the tempo. Brian even came away with the omnium! Aaaand our sole representative in the 3's showed everyone how to suck wheel for dear life! No matter! When you split good times with great people you've got nothing to fret. And you certainly gotta love some of the photos coming out from the evening!


(Photo courtesy of Ed White)

Brian worked many attacks and showed strong form off of the front as well as on the front nearly all night.


(Ed White)

Jamie and Daphne handled bidness against the huge women's field!

As if a outstanding turnout from your favorite Chicago team wasn't enough, the new programs are out and they're lookin real classy!

But wait! They also have a beautiful full page spread courtesy of the same great name that brought you this year's racing numbers!


Not to be outdone, things got good and crunk on the bus ride home. To be frank and honest, you all missed out. (Shout out to the NB first-timer Allison Peck! well as the great fan base of Eva, Matt, Blaze, Dumptruck, Erica, Sean, Andrew, Marie and Mike)

Let's carry it over into this weekend for Velo-City and our Rho-dster as she takes things to the Tour of Champaign, yeah? As for Velo-City, the bus will be leaving as close to 11 AM as possible! We have a storm to beat out! Unfortunately the rain looks to persist through Sunday so we will have to make do with what we can on Saturday. 90% of winning is showing up so don't expect any graces if you miss out on something...