When I first started as a messenger in 2005 it was at a company with an impeccable knack for over-hiring and turning employees over. I was a rookie that could be seen from a mile away. A nickel/dozen type. "Summer help". I wore a fresh crease in my clean pants and bag, a bright yellow shirt, this overly confused expression below my spotless yellow helmet but above my brand new reflective vest (which had plenty of velcro left on it.) A true leper for any old schooler. Except Dre. Dre was the nicest, most open person to me and made me feel so special and welcome on first sight. He told me stories with references that went way over my head and he actually asked me questions to get to know me better and see what I was about...

Every opportunity I got, I would introduce Dre with that story.  I must have explained that whole story at length in his presence at least 20 (thousand) times. Most of the time he would contain the rolling of his eyes ever so subtly and smile his big, polite smile as if it was the first time he heard it.

His laugh was so deep and joyful, he was always an attentive listener and you could count on him being on your side for every story of every situation. There really, truly is nothing bad to say about Andre Gordon. Just through his good nature, this man was an absolute inspiration to find and bring out the best in everyone. If you would have just met the guy you'd have considered him a friend and he would share the label. He's someone you'd wish the whole world could know.

Word is all over the place but apparently Dre was found lifeless at his home on the weekend of Sunday, November 14 presumably due to a cardiac arrest that occurred a couple days prior. He was only 53 years old. My heart goes out to those closest to him. Details on services will be up as soon as we can get them.