Get up to get down.

So Christina knows how to win races (!) and design a helluva flier...


You all know the deal. South Chicago Wheelmen are hosting the hottest 1-2 punch of the Cyclocross season. Fat Tire is coming through big again. Last year it was good. No. Last year was great. No. Last year was the greatest. Ya gotta give it to South Chicago Wheelmen. Not only do they come up with some crazy event with TONS of prize money but they find a way to invite us all back for a double helping the next year.

Driving directions. How to take Metra to Bloomingdale. Bus is leaving from the Pickens Kane lot (Green and Kinzie) Friday night (11/12) at 7 PM. There will be a carpool if you're worried about space or have a car and have space you should meet us there.

Oh yeah. Bring the trunks, suit or improvise. Karaoke is happening after Cave closes on Friday. Saturday night is for the real marathoners.

Don't be told the story. Be the story...