Multiple updates

First things first. If things have gone as planned, Brean should be out of ICU and in a regular hospital room by now and fit to stay through the weekend. Home care is in his future and undoubtedly some rehabilitation. He is one tough dude and I'm sure we'll be seeing him up soon. We'll try to keep the updates coming as we get them. His body still has a lot of resting and fixing to do. On to more good news. JANNETTE! She did it again. The women's 3/4 field at the Lakefront road race at Superweek got Rho-sted! First place for the dear lady of the dairyland. It came down to a sprint and she went for a long one and got it. Goes to show all those gutless "sprinters" (*ahem* jeff*) out there how to really stamp your authority on a bike race. Great stuff. We'll keep you posted on whether the check clears.

Finally we've got a little teaser to let everyone know there is a big few days of track bicycle racing coming up. The ALLVOI Cup Pursuit Series is this weekend (7/23-25) at Northbrook. Should have at least 4 pairs of thunder thighs up there representing in the women's open, the men's 3's and the men's 4/5's fields. Jamie is coming in HOT after her big performance that garnered her a 2nd place in last week's 1/2/3/4 keirin. Teeners is skipping a commercial making gig to do it so you know she won't be playin' around. Avi is ready to rock with his newly upgraded status, and hopefully Jeff will be ready to give 'er. Jannette might even throw her helmet into the mix and be a sport to give this track thing a try. Am I missing anyone? The bus is coming and going so hit us up if you need a ride.

Hey! Next Tuesday (7/27) is the Bob Pfarr Classic in Kenosha. A guaranteed great night of merciless track racing that brings out the pillow talk (wink to CJ) from the heroes of superweek and puts most trackies to their limit being an hour long, 31 mile points race. It is guaranteed to be quite a sight for all spectators and all are welcome to join us on the Cruiser for our typical 4 PM Tuesday departure.

Sorry, no photos... well. OK. Here's a warning as to why you should root against Jeff if you're a podium girl... thanks to Jason Edward Photo.

To the weekend!