Get well soon, Bre

Just about the last thing you want to hear from a friend and teammate is a brief text to let you know they broke their collarbone and possibly worse at a faraway race.

The next worst thing is getting an update like this from a loaned blackberry in the ICU...

"I was intentionally crashed out of a road race sat morning. I think I'll be ok, but I've been in ICU since sat night. I broke five ribs and my collarbone. Three of the ribs punctured my lung, and they were afraid of spleen damage for a while. Lung looks better, but the oxygen level in my blood is low --that's why I'm still in ICU. They lowered my pain meds to help with oxygen level. Man, I'm in a shit-ton of pain. Anyway, when I can communicate better, I will."

If he sends us an update we'll be sure to post it.

Heal up, brother.