Pedal to the People!

UPDATE: Here's the video!

Adam Clark is doin' it big! We're proud of the world's most incredible person as he stays on the grind and gets his business up and running. It's called Pedal to the People (773.355.0882) and, if you're fortunate enough to be by a television tonight, check out Fox Chicago around 9:30. Sir Clark will be making an appearance.

Don't forget to support the man as he makes a go at it. Quick tune ups and tweaks are no problem for the certified mechanic with eons of experience. He also does great metal work and frame repairs. Do you like your road bike and want to get on the cyclocross bandwagon? Adam can put some canti guides on that bad boy for ya, no prob. Snapped that dropout? Let Adam get you back up and rolling. (He also built that trailer in these photos.)

Keep up the good work, buddy! We'll be digging up the video and re-posting it sometime soon, hopefully!