Sherman Park Criterium Women's 1/2/3/4 Open

by Jannette (as authored by Jeff) I won.

PS - I rule.

(actually by Jannette)

Well, you have to love having a race close enough to ride to and I was particularly happy to have a race option late in the day. There is always something nice about sleeping in on a Saturday morning. Of course however there was rain and when not actually raining, the persistent threat of it. Well, there was a break in the wet weather so I headed down for the open race. Glad I did too - though Jeannie K took every prime, including the custom kit, I was seriously trying to figure out what I'd put on that thing should I win it. Blast. Congrats Jeannie. Blast. And you still have a mean sprint.

The break happened on the first prime - a group of 3 familiar faces - P5 Cathy, Francine, and Jeannie. XXX Natalie was able to bridge making it 5. We worked well and stayed away from the field and the primes kept us on our toes. One to go! Let the games begin! We eyeball each other...Jeannie makes a move early...I (along with everyone else?) panic and chase chase chase. I catch Jeannie and (split second decision) grab a breath on her wheel - there's still a ways to go til the line. I see the other ladies in the corner of my eye as we approach the final swoop aka turn. Before anyone else can, I just jump on the outside and go. I had no idea where anyone else was but I knew no one passed me. Hell yes. Victory for the thunder thighs. And we stayed dry! :)