Hillsboro-Roubaix showdown! April 10, 2010!

mikemovs.jpg   vs.   andrewyvs.jpg

As current president of the Chicago Cuttin' Crew, I, Jeff Perkins have raised a wager with the president of Team Pegasus, Mr. Cale Wenthur concerning a long time heated rivalry between two blood thirsty titans, Mike Morell and Andrew Yeoman.

If Mr. Yeoman places better than Dr. Morell at this weekend's Hillsboro-Roubaix race than we shall be indebted one gift basket from Chicago to those who hail from the fine city of Milwaukee. If Dr. Morell reigns supreme, however, the role will be reversed and I will gladly be partaking in whatever disturbing pleasantries MKE has to offer that will fit into a gift basket whilst I bask in Andrew's internet shame.

Stakes is high! Who's your pick? The climber with the attitude for altitude or the sprinter with the heavy pedal stroke?