Gaper's and Supercrit review

Thanks to John Wilke over at we have a nice example of how a leadout can go wrong.


 ...looks like someone made a shift for Jeff's wheel when he passed but didn't realize Roadhouse was riding tight behind.



 ...I'm seeing a weak spot in the rear wheel there.



...he couldn't finish the race but Al certainly saved it. That's probably why they pay him the big bucks over at S1.


In much more enlightening news, Christina ended another well attended segment of the Gaper's Block Crits with a 3rd place finish, 2nd in her category. Supercrit started off with Ella, Avi's daughter DOMINATING the 10-14 year old women's category to start the day. Then Jannette toed the line to take 4th in a rather decently attended women's open.

Aside from the evidence on how the men's 4's race finished, all 3 primes were taken by Avi, Al, and Jeff. Then there was also the men's 4/5. With the help of Adam Herndon and the great crowd at the race we instigated a crowd prime for $42.99 for the 4/5's race. Unfortunately Avi poured all his gas on winning that prime (on the announcement lap, not the actual prime bell lap) aaand then the bell was rung right after Al went for a solo flier. *GULP* ...go team... (!)

The guys fared meh but we've all got quite a buzz after such a great opening week for the ladies.