bus down

We finally made it on to the official ChiCrossCup map. Were they giving us a premium heckling spot, or keeping us far away from the locals? Alas, the Cuttin' Cruiser couldn't make it out. busmaintWe knew this day would come eventually, but still, it stings. Early assessments tell us that we probably have a sheared bolt in one the leaf spring assemblies. It's sent the rear axle, well, sideways a few inches. On the plus side, we're hoping it's a simple fix...it's just a bolt, right?

On the other hand,  it's not like you can just grab a jack from the trunk and hoist a twelve thousand pound machine up in the air. We've got some feelers out for ways to get it done on the cheap, but we're not holding our breath.

So, be on the lookout for fundraiser in the near future...bake sale? kegger? We'll have to get creative. But observant eyes may have noticed a recent addition to the site, for just this sort of emergency. We haven't made much of it, but there's a "Donate" button over there on the left.

If you know Jeff, you know he's not the type to hassle his passengers for gas money. If you've ever grabbed a dog and a beer at one of the couches, and never saw the tip jar sitting out conspicuously, well, maybe you can throw a little somethin' in there now, to help get this thing back on the road. Hopefully we'll be rolling soon.