Happy Bike Messenger Appreciation Day (10/9)

Happy official Bicycle Messenger Appreciation Day! AKA 10-9 Day! Yesterday (10/8/09) we got some love from some very kind folks over at Active Transportation Alliance in association with Goose Island and Mother Hubbard's Bar. A big thank you for that.

This post is really about to be dedicated to our most senior messenger on the race team and that is Dr. Mike Morell. Mike is going into his 10th year in the service, a little known milestone amongst many, especially the vets. He has assumed many responsibilities as  head of the Windy City BMA (when it was around), original Messenger Prom organizer, co-founder of 4 Star Courier Collective, main organizer and goto for countless (seriously countless) fundraisers and races/parties, roommate to half the city, friend to industry leaders all around the world,  always the best dude for advice, and, of course, the self-proclaimed world's greatest dispatcher. Dude's got stories.



 He's got a laundry list of accomplishments within and without the industry. For us that doesn't involve banquets and plaques, nor crappy little twists on words to polish up a desperate resume. It involves respect. Pure, genuine and highly credible dues that are only bestowed upon the select few that deserve them.

Here's to ya, Mike. And here's to the many others out there still giving it a go and making it through the tougher times of this silly game. Happy 10-9 Day!


Much love and Respect.