One of the louder and rowdier fan contingents

We'll have a rundown of Tokyo happenings soon enough, but a quick update: Christina won third place female! Yay! Molly threw her chain in a hard sprint and had a nasty crash. Boo! Both are soaking up their last couple days abroad, but we'll have them home soon enough. Unless they get offers to become pro Keirin racers. If you haven't done so already, pick up a copy of Thursday's Chicago Tribune. Everyone's favorite cyclo-journalist, Luke Seemann, took the better part of two full pages to write up the local 'cross scene. It's got lots of great shots of familiar faces and local teams. Buy the Trib to keep the place printing papers just a bit longer, but if you must, get the RedEye for free. Or be all digital, and click the link below to read it online.

(This photo has been shamelessly swiped from the Trib web site, and photo credit should go to Michael Tercha.)

cuttin couch

"One of the louder and rowdier fan contingents, the Chicago Cuttin' Crew brings couches and bullhorns to races."