Some recent highlights

Between this past week and now it's been rather busy for the trackies with various highlights and photos (thanks Gavin) to share: August 10: Jeff got 4th in the State Kilo Championship at ERV. woo-hoo.

August 12: Molly garnered her 2nd post-up of the year by winning the Soldier Field Criterium. Ironically, both post-ups were done in last year's jersey. Hmmm...

August 13: Al got 2nd in the state points race championship at ERV, thus qualifying for nationals!

August 13: Christina got 3rd in the state points race championship at ERV, also making herself eligible for nationals!


August 18: Al won the 1/2's Miss & Out in Kenosha. He and Jeff followed it up with a 4th place in the most stacked Madison field to date.

August 20: Christina and Molly made a whole lotta preemie money thanks to a very generous sponsor and audience at the Elaine Nekritz national qualifier scratch race. Christina finished 4th and Molly took the 5th best spot.

More to come as the track season winds down (for us mortals, anyway). The biggest positive of that news is that cyclocross is getting scary close...