Velocity Chicago, 2009

no turntables

First and foremost, Erin Dickey is the greatest announcer in the history of the game. In fact, it would not have been the weekend it was had we not had the organizing and selfless officiating of Mr. Ben Fietz, organizing work of Augustine Montes and Julio Saravia, the COG boys, and certainly Mr. Mike Morell putting it all on paper. Not to mention the grand overseer and orchestrator, the crew over there in NYC better known as Cyclehawk. These people deserve the first of many props to be handed out for a very successful day of racing.

The rain hit hard and quick in the morning but left us with a very secluded, sunny day at the Washington Park Velodrome.  Those that rolled the dice got what they earned just as those that stayed in got what they deserved!

16 people registered for the avid cyclist racing. 15 were men, 1 was a woman. A very accomplished track racing woman. Miss Valerie Brostrom proved to us all why she is held in such high regard and contributed to an exciting mixed field. Regrettably, I do not have race by race results but we have quite a list of omni points winners. Overall winner was Andrew Yeoman of Team Pegasus. He won an exciting Match Sprint and scratch race. 2nd overall was Stanley Schultz. He was 2nd man in the Match Sprint and earned el vomiteur title by throwing up instead of racing the scratch race. He bounced back with an impressive performance in the points race by winning every bell lap. The podium was rounded out by the aforementioned Dr. Brostrom as she took third with her tiebreaking performance in the points race by placing higher than Brandon Scheiner.

The turnout for Messengers was 8 total. 7 male and 1 female. It was a tricky situation so we decided it was best to make the 1 woman earn her way to a ticket by mixing in with them big boys. She certainly earned it. Christina Peck celebrated her 2nd race flying the colors of team Cuttin' Crew in fine fashion. She nabbed 4th place in the scratch race and a hard fought 3rd place in the points race, notching her a 4th place overall in the omnium. Congratulations Christina!


The third messenger overall went to Adam Hanzel. A strong cyclocross rider showing great fitness and talent, riding his way to 3rd in the Match Sprint, 6th in the scratch and 4th in the points race. Jeff claimed top spot in one event, a very close and dramatic Match Sprint with Al Urbanski. All biases aside, Mr. Perkins exercised brilliant execution against his challenger. The video may seem like a close race but to all onlookers that were present, Urbanski was clearly outmatched. Then Jeff selflessly stepped aside and allowed it to became the Al Urbanski show.

Simply put, you're 2009 Chicago VeloCity champion, Al Urbanski SHUT. IT. DOWN! He toyed with his competition in the scratch race and soloed to an easy win. Only to follow it up with a flier to take the points race. Oh. He wasn't done. Against most tactical sense, he took off in a race that's designed to discourage breakaways. He went on a flier during the exhibition Miss-N-Out (AKA Devil takes the hindmost...thanks Erin), and claimed a clear victory for a pair of LAKE shoes. Absolutely amazing display of talent and raw skill. Congratulations, Al, we're all proud and excited to see what you can do in NYC.

Als up

Without further ado, here is your list of omnium results:

Points - Avid Cyclists:

25 - Andrew Yeoman (Men's Winner)

16 - Stanley Schultz

10 - Dr. Valerie Brostrom (Women's Winner)

10 - Brandon Scheiner

5 - Tyler Avery

4 - Chris Jensen

4 - Chris Kessler

3 - Max Riordan

1 - Niles Gibson (DFL)

Active Couriers

25 - Al Urbanski (Men's Winner) (Miss-N-Out winner)

23 - Jeff Perkins

9 - Adam Hazel

8 - Christina Peck (Women's Winner)

7 - Nico Cabrera

3 - Phil Breuer

3 - Eric VM (Kieran framset raffle winner)

As always, thanks need to go out to our sponsors and supporters. It's not even a matter of marketing anymore. These people truly support what we all love to do, because they love it too. That's what makes their service and products great and that's just good for everyone. It's only right to help those that help you. Shout outs to the big dogs: Cyclehawk Courier, New Belgium Brewery, Blue Cycles, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yojimbo's Garage, LAKE cycling, Continental Tires, Sun Ringle, Chrome, Panaracer, COG magazine.


Swag Fight!


Photos by Just.Max, Christina, Candles, the son of Chris & Pete D)