Northbrook opening night!

It was a great opener. The weather was beautiful, the competition was intense and the crowd was excited. The lovely Miss Gavin-Smith was not always as serene as Mr. White's photo would suggest (thanks Ed). She was out working for her teammate Molly, the master of the 700 meter sprint (said to be "ri-donk-u-lous" by some) and claiming her stake at a 4th place tie in the omnium.


Molly got the top honor in the Women's 4s. She snatched 1st in the scratch race and 1st in the Win-n-Out. Very exciting displays of strength and aggression in the long sprints to victory.

Al was the top performer on the men's side. After a 9th place finish in the scratch, he bounced back to counter a break set up by Jeff and Brean in the points race. He and Dave Moyer went on the long journey ahead of the pack and Al earned himself 2nd place followed by a victory in the Win-n-Out. Al got 2nd in the evening's omnium.

Jeff was third in the omnium with a 4th place finish out of a 4 wide sprint in the Scratch, a 4th place in the points race, and a go-go gadget throw for 2nd in the Win-n-Out.

Bre got his money's worth by partaking in 4 events on the night. He got 6th in the scratch, 5th in the 4's points, a top secret result in the Master's race and rounded out a great team performance in the Win-n-Out at 5th. His omnium result in the 4s placed him at 5th for an early step in his season.

The fans were fantastic! The bus was full capacity and even a couch made it out to the infield. Big thanks again to Ed White for fantastic photos of the crew. Word is grilling is a must for this upcoming Thursday, May 21. Be sure not to miss it!