It's the economy, stupid.


Rendering done by Adam ClarkWe've done this before. Just ask Cog. We know how to do this sort of thing. Join us.

Bus leaves the west loop on Wednesday, December 10th. It will be a day long trip until we arrive in Kansas City. Accommodations pending... not guaranteed.

We will turn back victorious on Sunday, December 14th. Well. Victory is a relative definition.

Here's the deal. Fare for you and your bike and gear is going to be $200. Cheapest flight to Kansas City right now, according to expedia.com is $137. You know it costs you $50 to take your bike on the plane. You hop on that plane twice? Might as well add $100 to that $137. $237? On a plane? Bogus.

Join us in admiring Obama's country: Western IL, Iowa, Baja Iowa. Amber waves of grain kids... E-mail us at the team gmail account, chicagocuttincrew@gmail.com for further information...