Go time

This just got real scary. Seriously. I've got goosebumps typing this. Cuttin' Crew just grew from something to fear on the street scene to something above and beyond. Come on, you knew this was coming, ya'll had to expect this one too. Damn, it's still crazy when these things actually happen... Cat 3 on the road playing domestique? Probably the most underrated 4 on the track ever? This just went from punking everyone on the race scene to a straight up campaign! Chicago has just awoken to a new day. Be proud to be a part of this street scene, let alone any street scene. We're going to be out there putting you on the radar. Shit. Do I still have to say his name? I'll give you some hints...Orange jersey. Big ass smile. Silver tooth... If you don't know him by now, you've been walking or driving way too much.


Okay, okay. *ahem*

Ladies and Gentleman. May I present the latest addition to the Chicago Cuttin' Crew: Nico West.