Nico Deportago-Cabrera



Cycling came into my life rather ironically. After losing my driver’s license to a bottle of gin and some bad ideas, I turned to a bicycle to get me from home to work and it slowly went from utility to obsession. Five years later my musical endeavors crumbled to pieces and I was full of disillusion and potential energy. The only other thing I knew how to do (well) was ride. The good people at Apex Courier were kind enough to employ me and thus began my life as a chicago bike messenger.

As I got better at my job my competitive nature took me to racing alleycats. My first alleycat was the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational in 2009. Even with a less than great finish it left me wanting more. My passion for messengering and cycling makes me determined to be one of the world’s fastest messengers. With the encouragement and support of the cuttin’ crew I’ll be able to take that determination to the velodrome and to the muddy tracks of cross.

To me the cuttin’ crew is more than just a team. It is a community of people whose passion for cycling and competition goes beyond mere sport. Our lives are spent in the saddle, pedaling to work, play, and the podium. I am honored to now be a part of its existence.