Twenty sixteen

We were hoping to roll up at Super Crit sporting this year's kit design, but Mother Nature wasn't quite ready for racing to start. Instead, we decided to to spark your interest with a little preview.

We can't talk about kits without talking about sponsors. We've got lots of friends, new and old, and we're thrilled they want to be part of our little team.

First up we've got eClad, the future of natural stone cladding, forreal, with a connection that goes back to Ms. Larkin's pit crew at Irish CX Nats. FKLaw is back again, in case you're unfortunate enough to need a lawyer for any bike-related incidents. Four Star Courier for your Chicagoland transport needs, and Domu, Chicago's apartment site, has your hookup in case you're looking for a new pad. If you get thirsty for some raw, non-gmo, unpasteurized delicious beverages we've got Time Machine Juice. If you're more of a country mouse, Fergurson Insurance will keep your farm biz covered, and call FIK for your real estate operations.

On the bike side of things, we're pleased to partner up with both Yojimbo's Garage and Comrade Cycles, since we're too much for one shop to handle. We've got SportCrafters keeping us fit on the rollers all winter long, and of course, no serious athlete can live without sustenance, so we recharge at Marie's Pizza and Liquors.

Last, but not least, we've hooked up with Milwaukee's Fyxation, sponsoring a bunch of fixed gear crits in the area this summer. Check out for more details, and sign up for the prelude event at next weekend's Lincoln Park Crit.

Ok, we know you're just here to see this year's colors. We're happy to partner with the awesome Podiumwear team up in MN for our latest. Something this fly could only be made in the USA. Without further ado...

Dude, where's my human?

Pretty dope, right? We'll see you at the races!