Without further delay, let the record show that 24 hours from now, the following scores will be forever and permanently settled, at least until Afterglow 2017:

Avi vs. Ella
Loser has to clean the upstairs bathroom, using the international standard for 'clean,' not simply moving trash around.

Karson Glass vs. Jake Huizenga
Loser buys winner an appropriate Belgian beer, in the spirit of cyclocross.

Sean Klontz vs. Joel Mulder vs. Simon Lach (oooh, a three way!)
Cruiser bikes only, max tire width of 25c.
If Joel loses, he has to proclaim his love for Luna Catbus.
If Simon loses, he has to proclaim his love for people that bring their children to bars.
If Sean loses, he has to proclaim his love for mayonnaise. 
(Interesting, how will they proclaim this? Facebook or permanent tattoos?)

Carel Jones vs. George Figueroa
Loser has to by the winner $20 worth of candy (It's nice to see our juniors getting in on the action, and let us just point out that THESE GENTLEMEN KNOW HOW TO GAMBLE).

Justin Lebb vs. Sarah Szefi
This will be a one lap race: Sarah on the unicycle, Justin on a SSCX bike, running 40x11. Sarah will receive a 120 second head start.
Winner is awarded a commemorative coffee mug* highlighting their amazing victory at 2016 Afterglow.
Loser is punished with a shameful coffee mug* detailing the nadir of their season where they lost the Grudge Match at 2016 Afterglow.
*Coffee mugs must be used for remainder of life.

Mike Morell vs. Andrew Nordyke
Mike and Andrew are playing for: the marbles (all of them)

If you want to settle a score of your own, show up with a fistful of dollars at least 30 minutes before race time. We will have a wager board, and you will be able to record your stakes, provided you and your opponent both sign in blood.