With Jeff and Supergirl retired, Sweet Justice now reigns over a time of great peace. But something doesn't feel right. We've got a history of settling scores at Afterglow. Sweet Justice demands blood sport, and she wants to spread glory and humiliation in the world.

There are so many debts left unsettled at the end of the season. Every one of you has a rival, someone you may battle every week, or less often...and you've heard all the excuses: I would have crushed you, but...
"I was staged two rows back because my crossresults points are wrong."
"I got stuck behind a crash at the start."
"I'm not allowed to race your field because I'm too old/young/not your gender/category."

Well now's your chance to settle that score, starting SIDE-BY-SIDE at the line, with your own wager in the balance. It will be a field start, but you're guaranteed a spot right next to your rival. Bring your smack talk and your dirty pool, but please don't ruin the race for anyone behind you. THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE. Remember, it will be a loooooong winter, and you want to be on the giving side of the abuse, don't you? You choose what you're battling for, whether it be cash, a sixer of beer that doesn't suck, or 'loser cleans the cat box for a month.' Wagers will be periodically published by us, which is a 100% binding legal contract.


1st: Register BOTH riders at bikereg, in the GRUDGE MATCH category. Don't waste time, because we will be staging in order of BOTH riders being registered at bikereg.*

2nd: Fill out the form below, letting us know who the rivals are.  Don't forget to fill in your stakes!

3rd: WIN. Find your way to the podium and stage your own two-deep award photo. Make sure someone gets a shot of your shining moment of glory, or deepest depth of shame. Use it as your profile pic until the first race of the spring.

*The fine prints:
In general, we want to reward those of you getting your @&*%*#$ together and registering quick, but we also reserve the right to 'adjust' staging based on factors like your ability and level of grudge.

We will do everything we can to put fatbikes, tandems, and other oddballs in the same row. If you are racing one of these silly machines, challenge a frenemy, and above all, let us know in the 'wager' field so we can line you up accordingly.

Racer 1 *
Racer 1
Racer 2 *
Racer 2
AKA 'Diamond-Studded Title Belt' or '10 Snickers bars' or 'Must wash goose poop off winner's bike'



Michael Kirby vs. Jason Fergurson: Winner gets Intergalactic Title Belt/loser is Fox River Grove(ler)