Winningest Weeekend Wever

Before I tell you about all the things that the Cuttin Crew did in this past week, I'd like to give a shout out to our 2014 Sponsors who keep us rolling along every year. Without our sponsors we wouldn't be registered for races all across the country and the globe, we wouldn't be able to support our Juniors, we wouldn't be able to munch down more pizza and bagels than you, and look good while we do it. We wouldn't have a place to stay when we're down state,  we wouldn't have stellar legal advice for every situation the Crew can get themselves into, and we've gotten into a few. Anyway mostly what we're saying is; WE LOVE OUR SPONSORS. 

Things that happened this weekend.


1. Daphne, Gabe and I traveled down to Bloomington for the State Championship Criterium. Gabe took pictures of our adventures and there will be lots more showing up on his blog in the next few weeks. 

2. Lucky for me it was raining. Growing up in Ireland (land of rain) will give you a natural advantage. I had the un-natural advantage of fat fat tires and low tire pressure which made me feel confident and smooth on a pretty technical course in pretty dire conditions. Then this happened: 

W3/4 PODIUM Photo by Gabe Galloway

3. I raced again in the Women's Open. Hoping to support Daphne in any way I could, and just hoping to hang on to the wheels of some of the fastest women in the state, and in the region. Jeannie Kuhajek (VanderKitten) and Skylar Scheinder (Team Tibco) as well as super fast women from Scarlet Fire, Balance and xXx all made for a fast and aggressive race. An unfortunate late crash gave Jeannie the gap that she needed, despite a strong chase, it was too late and Daphne took a well deserved second place on the podium. I hung on for 9th place. 

Daphne and niece Cora take applause from the crowd at the Bloomington Criterium

4. Judy (Daphne's Mom) schooled us on the use of an iphone and took some amazing slo-mo videos. 

5. While all this action was going on, simultaneously, Nico and friends threw the Minneapolis pre NACCC event, also known as the Cuttin Crew Classic.  Al won the Lower Wacker Time Trial with Christina (CCC Alum) and Jake placing in the top 5. Nikki Munivez and Mike Malone took 1st dude and 1st dudette!

Joshua knows how to make a trophy!

6. Word to your mom, we had a messenger prom. 

7. Ella and Lang competed in the Junior Tri. Ella took 5th out of 80 in the 13-14 girls and Lang was 1st fixed. 

Lang was too tired to avoid this picture. 


8. Teeners Galeeners agreed to be my partner for the xXx Relay Race in Jackson Park again, and bettering our results from last year, took 3rd! 

This is a photo of me that now exists in the world. Thank you Randy Warren. 

9. Jake and his pal Zach took 2nd in the mens 4/5!

Photo by

10. Ella and Tess Anderson (Spin Doctor CycleWerks) finished first females in the Junior 15-18. 

11. The Cuttin Crew and family fielded five teams for the CoEd division. All of those 5 teams placed in the top 20, with 3 in the top 10. Team Nature Walks was saved by Mike Morell's ever-preparedness (he wears a CCC kit under his clothes at all times). 

Snowy Mountain captured the chaos of the Relay Cross

12. We had the best team names of the weekend including;

                         -        braaaaap pack

                         -        Nature Walks p/b Chicago Cuttin Crew

                         -        Speed Mutants from Planet Azzip

                         -        Walter needs a New Pair of Shoes

13. The Cuttin Crew podium'd in all categories in every discipline (sanctioned and unsanctioned racing) we entered in this weekend! 

Max and I barely held off a couple of Panda's to take 4th place in the CoEd. Photo by TSH