Hillsboro: Town of Pizza, Land of Cannoli

75 women raced the Hillsboro Roubaix 3/4 on Saturday. An impressively large field of ladies from all over the Midwest. It was also our first debut with the new jersey, in typical Larkinator style, I got so excited about wearing it that I clean forgot mine. With a borrowed, and pinned neon dream jersey from Al (size large) I rolled up to the start line.

Marie and I raced the women's 3/4, and unfortunately a crash took me out of the running with just 3 miles to go. A fast crash, and a slow motion crash all in one. No time to react, time to watch it all happen. The lead group was cut in half. 

After a few well chosen curse words, I managed to collect myself and my bike. Marie had sacrificed her own race in the hope of helping to pace me back up to the field. But alas it was too late, I yelled at her to continue on while I tried to release my chain which was stuck fast beneath the chain catcher. A passing stranger (I can't remember what category or team) kindly gave me a tool, and off I went again.

I slow rolled to the finish line, really not wanting to do the final hill, but one of the team mottos was ringing in my ears.


I finished up 39 out of 75.

Marie finished 28 of out 75. 

A few words from Ms Snyder;

'As one of the largest fields we have raced in, the journey did not come without it's own novel challenges. We had to fight for position, bump some elbows, and ride some gravel just to keep with the peloton -- all of the best parts of bike racing! Also lovely to see so many new faces in beautiful weather.'

Jason and Al, our most excellent pilot and co-pilot for the journey down there, hung in it with the lead group til the final climb.

Al 29th, Jason 32nd

They both saved my skin (literally) on a couple of occasions. Providing me with jerseys and band aids to sooth my road rash. Josh just finished up becoming a life saver, and it was his first race back after a couple of seasons out. A tough race, he hung in there and finished up in 60th place. 

Here's a couple of quick snaps I took;

1. Al adjusts

2. Marie Snyder has the best post race steez game you've ever seen.

3. Gianni's Pizza is some of the best pizza in the world

4. Cannoli's give you the eye when you're hungry

Thank you to the Fergurson's for kindly putting us up for the night. A comfy bed and oatmeal in the morning really ease the pre-race nerves. They're also one of our 2014 sponsors! If you're ever in need of some insurance downstate, you know just the fam to call.