Five days before the race, the award for Overall Awesomeness is already in the bag.

It might be a bit premature to announce it, with the race still five days away, but I don't think any other teams are going to be able to match this:

No joke, the Pony Shop Team has donated ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to be split between the Blackstone Bike and West Town youth programs!

I'm sure your team is wonderful and strong and fast, but unless you're ready to dig deep, REAL deep, just accept the fact that you lost this round. Please hand out high fives to all of them, and some low fives too, since most of them are about 4 feet tall.

This money goes to all kinds of program supplies, as not all club members race, and the ones that want to have to earn the chance to do so. Add in parts, licenses, entry fees, helmets, gas, snacks, you name it, all the little things add up. Thanks to the fine squad of blue Ponies, they will have a little more to work with in 2015!