Labagh Woods Practice Crits

In the past week, I jumped into the first track and road races I've done in the past two years (Thursday Nights at Northbrook and Spring Prairie Road Race). Last night, Daphne managed to again talk me into more racing shenanigans, and we rode up to Labagh Woods on the northwest side for the first crit I've done since March of last year. A couple points:

A) That was fun as hell.

B) Daphne Karagianis is one hell of a bike racer, handler, and tactician. Looked like a pro out there amongst the men.

C) The points race was a blast with Cuttin Crew rolling five deep (Jeff, Marie, Daph, Al, myself), and with Mr Al Pearson (aka The Quadfather) taking home the winning six pack of beer! Quite the refreshing end to some fast racing.

D) I love this team. 


The last night of practice crits will be taking place Wed August 14th at Labagh Woods (just north of Foster & Cicero). Three races for $15, with the second race of the evening for women only. More info about the races can be found  here, or you can check out their facebook page to keep up to date on any changes.

- Andrew Nordyke