All the single (speed) ladies!

We're a little late to the party, but the Cuttin Crew noticed that, while it's admirable that Illinois has come to its senses and reinstated the official Championship for the Single Speed CX category, the ladies have been left out.

We simply can't let this injustice stand, so we're digging deep into our trophy vault for official-looking awards for the top three finishers.

The rules are simple:

1. Ride a single speed bike in Saturday's Single Speed Championship race. You may zip-tie a Sram shifter into place or somehow lock your bike irrevocably into a single gear. While this is considered less than pure form, it's late in the game, so we'll try not to judge you. We will not be inspecting your hardware.

2. Be a woman. Since USAC has little guidance on the subject, we're going with OBRA rules, since they consulted various international racing bodies and came up with a policy: If a male cyclist has gender-reassignment surgery, she can then race in her new gender's category. We will not be inspecting your hardware.